“What is the best breast surgery for me?"
‘Pursuit of PERFECTION in Breast Surgery’​


    Anyone considering breast surgery would have the concerns as above. Therefore, you would like someone explains clearly about this and appropriately advise.


  As breast surgery becomes more common, more advanced implants with various features are being developed and the surgical techniques of breast surgery is also evolving.


  If so,what is the best choice ‘my’ breast surgery from the various shapes and types of breast implants and surgical technique?


 We would like to start our story, from the ideal conditions of beautiful breasts which leads to the ‘tailored’ breast surgery just for you .

What are the conditions of beautiful breasts ?


 Since beauty is a subjective matter, ‘beautiful breast’ cannot be defined with just one definition.

But In general, it refers to breast of natural shape, elastic, and moderate volume and feminine curvature.

In particular, the line connecting the center of each clavicle and each nipple form a regular triangle is called the golden ratio. In addition, the position of the nipple is also important, the 6:4 ratio of the upper and lower breast around the nipple is said to be the most ideal form.

The Golden-ratio of breast

The most ideal breast size forms an equilateral triangle

The most ideal breast size forms an equilateral triangle with 
lengths of 17 +/- 1 ~ 22cm per side

Golden ratio of chest

Nipple : Areola : Breast diameter = 1 : 3 : 9

  The Golden-ratio of breast

 The position of the nipple


 The line from the middle point of the collarbone and both lines from nipple points form an equilateral tri​angle.

The ratio of the upper and lower breast around the nipple is 6:4.

Important factors to consider in breast surgery

 It is important to consider the individual's body shape and disposition to find a breast implant that best fits, which is the most appropriate method of breast shaping. Surgical methods and implants used for more beautiful, more natural breasts are progressively evolving. Therefore, since the beauty and naturalness of post-operative results are determined according to how precisely inserted the implant with any shape and texture, the skilled medical staff who has a high understanding of the implants and experience in breast shaping make satisfactory and beautiful breasts based on it.

HERSHE’s philosophy on Breast Surgery

Through 20 years of breast consultation, I have heard and felt about many troubles that patients had throughout the time when they decided breast surgery. Many people choose breast surgery, not as a momentary curiosity or desire to be more beautiful, but rather improve their quality of life. It is a big decision to make. Therefore, breast surgery in HERSHE focuses on the results of a more beautiful, more natural breast surgery that is tailored to the individual's body shape and personality.


 With the development of technology, the methods of breast surgery and implants are progressing gradually. As a result, new surgical methods, understanding the verification of implants, and continuing research and academic activities by medical staff have become essential elements of advanced breast surgery techniques.

 Of course, the bigger the size of the breasts doesn’t always makes the more beautiful breasts. For more natural and more beautiful breast, careful pre-operative consultation and diagnosis will give you the best result considering the various requirements such as chest size, shape, degree of deflection and personal physique condition. It is important to select the appropriate implant and method of surgery and insert it in the correct position .”

Dr. Kim.  Eung  Sam, M.D.

Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery



HERSHE A-Plus Breast augmentation uses minimal invasive method with German harvest jet technology to ensure prompt engraftment rate with minimal pain and recovery time. No scar is left after the procedure, and the breast volume is increased with the patient's own fat cells. Most natural result after the proce