“Super natural, natural fitting”​
​Bella Gel Micro, smooth texture & viscosity​ 

O P T I M A L – The very customized design to perfect your body line


Cohesive Gel, highly viscous Fine Micro Textured, Developed by Hansbiomed® a registered member of FDA 510K Improved Elasticity & Viscosity

◈ Am I a good candidate?
Those who seeks naturalness more than anything
Those who wants a soft texture
Those who looks for breast implants that fits my body




The ‘Bella gel Micro’ is an implant with smooth surface structure.
Bellagel Micro contains Cohesive Silicone Gel as its material.
Its Cohesive Silicone Gel with high viscoelasticity, enables implant inserting process easy and soft touch after surgery can be expected.
Bella Gel Micro, born by researching the physical characteristics of Asian women, is designed to be more suitable for the patient's body shape with proper specifications according to the various projections.