About Epicanthoplasty 

Epicanthoplasty can be divided into medial and lateral, which medial epicanthoplasty is to reveal epicanthic fold to lengthen the size of eyes so it can make bigger eyes and shorten the distances of two eyes. Lateral epicanthoplasty corrects off-set eyes to be appeared as less off-set eyes.

HERSHE’s Medial epicanthoplasty reduces the force that pulls the skins downward from the front of the eyes to improve eyes appear natural. Combining lateral epicanthoplasty along with later epicanthoplasty and double eyelid surgery can create bigger eyes overall.

Most people who need medial epicanthoplaty have Mongolian folds. Mongolian fold refers to the fold in the inner side of the eyes covering the front portion of the eyes which can cause they eyes to look far away  and covered. Those who have outer eyelids will see effective result when double eyelid surgery and medial epicanthoplaty is preceded together but you can still have medial epicanthoplaty itself regardless of double eyelids.  Although there are dozens of surgical method, at HERSHE what is called “Magic Medial Epicanthoplasty”.  With no exposed scars and natural surgery method.


The official name of “Magic Medial Epicanthoplaty” is Inner angle molding surgery with skin relocation method, and the scars are hidden in inner corner of the eyes and lower eyelids.  Surely in the early stage of the process of mature scars may appear reddish and different and can vary person to person but after 2~3months later scars are almost invisible. Surgery is done by local anesthesia and the duration of surgery is about 20~30mintues.


 HERSHE Micro Epicanthoplasty is DIFFERENT! 

The former Medial epicanthoplasty left a visible scar, which leads to hesitation to patients. HERSHE technique uses skin characteristics of the skin inside the eye, hiding the scar naturally which leaves unnoticeable scars after the surgery.



Candidates for medial epicanthoplasty 

If the width of the eyes narrow and the distance of eye are too far apart and giving strong face impression.
If the Mongolian fold is extended to low eyelid wrinkles
If the eyes seem loosen
If the inner head part of the eye is raised or pointy and gives strong face impression.
Desire to have in-out fold or out-fold double eyelids

 Recommended Surgeries with Epicanthoplasty 


01.  Double eyelid surgery

02.  Ptosis correction

03. ​Lateral epicanthoplasty



 Surgical Procedures 


01. Incision


02. Extend the corner of eyes

03. Suture
    Step 1 Eye condition is diagnosed and personally designed for own face features prior to the surgery 
    ​Step 2 Incision is made to remove inner Mongolian folds, After minimal incision is made inner persiosteum is lightly fixed for invisible scars
    ​Step 3 Soft, big and natural eye are created.

Before & After