HERSHE Cohesive gel breast Augmentation is DIFFERENT! 



Breast Surgery Specialist, Dr. Kim Eung Sam

    Specialized in Breast surgery, HERSHE understands that unique characteristics in each

    individual’s complex breast shape require comprehensive and personalized solution and

    individual breast surgery must be planned and designed by breast surgery specialist

    with aesthetic sense with profound experience and expertise for the optimal result.

    Hence, HESHE offers personalized & comprehensive breast surgery solution by breast

    surgery specialist with profound experience& expertise, with latest surgical technique

    combined with most advanced medical devices and genuine implants to provide

    exclusive& systemic total breast surgery solution with optimal result.





01. Latest HD endoscope equipment for teardrop breast augmentation.

02. 26 years of professionalism

03. Using only FDA and KFDA approved implants for safety.​



 Breast Surgery Information 





What makes beautiful breast?

The very Golden-ratio of breast

The most ideal look is when the torso towards the front, the line from the middle point of collarbone and both lines from nipple points form equilateral triangle shape.


The condition of Perfect breast 


-The breast size should not be oversized or undersized.

-The breast should have a conical shape from the front and smooth curve
  line  from the side.

-Should have elastic waves by the body movement.

-The breast should be spread out naturally with tilting little bit towards outside



 Features of Breast Surgery F


01.Types of Implants  




Smooth type

Textured type

Teardrop Type





 ​A very smooth, soft, and thin outer layer ​A rough thick outer layer ​A rough thick outer layer 



-Gives more natural movement of implants

-Massage is needed for 3-6 months to prevent capsular contracture.


-Less natural movement of implants

-Massage is not required

-Less possibility of capsular contracture as it can be autonomously fixed inside the breasts.

-Teardrop formula gives the most natural curve

-Massage is not required


-Less possibility of capsular contracture as it can be autonomously fixed inside the breasts.



02.Where to locate the incision 




Under the armpit (under arm)

  • With this technique, small incision is made in the most hidden and hollow area of the underarm. The incision is placed in a skin crease, so that the scar is usually well hidden, which will make your breast seem even more natural.

    * Minimize the scar after the surgery
    * Maintain natural shape
    * No damage to the areola, enabling breast-feed without any problems

Between the areola and the breast​

Incision is made under the borderline between the areola and the breast. With this technique, the surgery can proceed with the more accurate manner, but it may affect the sensation of the nipples. Female patients, who already gave birth, usually choose this type of incision.

* Minimizes discomfort around the arm and shoulder after the surgery

* More accurate and delicate manner of surgery is possible.


Under the breasts

  • An incision is made right underneath the breasts. With this technique, the implants can be placed in the most accurate position and minimize the scar-trace. 

    * If it is revision surgery, a more accurate and delicate manner of operation will proceed with this technique.
    * The implants can be placed in the most accurate position
    * If you want to up-size the breast implants 

03. Location of Implants



On the muscle

Implants under the mammary ridge this implant is appropriate for patients who have enough breast tissue and saggy texture. This surgery has many advantages, such as less pain and much less discomfort, compared with other techniques of the breast surgery. The recovery duration is shorter than other techniques as well. However, the possibility of capsular contracture is higher. The implants may be felt if you have a thin skin 

layer. Moreover, doctors usually find it difficult to diagnose breast cancer with patients of this surgical process.

Underneath the muscle

Implants are placed under the pectoral muscle. This technique is usually applied to Asian women who have a thin layer of the pectoral muscle with rather small breasts. Implants under the pectoral muscle makes your breast look much more natural and can achieve a natural touch. Unlike the former method- implants under the mammary ridge- breast feed and breast cancer check-ups are not interrupted. However it may cause pain after the surgery.

04. Why does Capsular contracture occur?​ 


Capsular contracture is a type of natural response of the immune system to foreign materials in the human body. The collagen fibers contract to form a tight capsule, which is a natural immune response to the presence of foreign objects surgically implanted in the human body. Capsular contracture begins to develop when the collagen-fiber capsule tightens and squeezes the breast implant. Moreover, as capsular contracture is a consequence of the immune system defending the patient’s body integrity, it may reoccur even after the requisite corrective surgery.

The degree of capsular contracture

The degree of capsular contracture is graded using the four-grade Baker scale: Grade 1 or 2 is a normal result, there are no concerns. Grade 3 or 4 needs consultation with doctors and revision surgery.


  • Grade 1 The size and shape of breast is soft and appears natural,Both doctors and patients cannot identify the problem.
  • Grade 2 Breasts get a little firm and you can touch the implant beneath the skin, but appears normal from the outside. The patient cannot feel the pain yet.
  • Grade 3  Breasts are firm and appears abnormal. The patient can feel the abnormal texture. Capsular contracture becomes visible.
  • Grade 4  Breasts are hard – so that you can see it from the outside the 


 Pre-operation care


1. ​

​Please let the staffs know if there is any side effects on particular medicine, illness and general anesthesia history.  


Need considerate control on medicine a week before surgery. Please let the staffs know any medicine intake history. At any case, do not smoke before the surgery.


By the types of anesthesia, any food and water intake is prohibited for 4 hours (8 hours for general anesthesia) before the surgery. Do NOT eat or drink anything by instructions. 


​By the types of surgery, shower is not allowed until doctor’s permission. 


 Post-operation care




May strong muscle strain occur, though will be released naturally. 




Will be instructed about food intake and fasting after the surgery by the type of anesthesia (no more than a day).



Smoking and drinking will irritate recovery. Especially smoking may cause possibilities of diverse side effects of surgery; please quit smoking for at least 2 weeks before and after the surgery.




After the surgery, any capsular contracture and inflammation may occur, doctor will instruct on taking antibiotics, and implants elimination can be instructed by cases.

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