About HERSHE Tear drop Breast augmentation Surgery 


HERSHE Tear drop breast augmentation uses implants thats designed to mirror the curves of woman's natural breast for even more natural result. Perfectly designed with personalized body ratio, HERSHE plastic surgery will deliever the perfect shape and volume with latest surgical techniques, narrowing the space between the implants and the breast tissue to reduce side effects such as capsular contracture and disposition of the implants.



 HERSHE Tear drop Breast Augmentation is DIFFERENT! 



Breast Surgery Specialist, Dr. Kim Eung Sam

    Specialized in Breast surgery, HERSHE understands that unique characteristics in each

    individual’s complex breast shape require comprehensive and personalized solution and

    individual breast surgery must be planned and designed by breast surgery specialist

    with aesthetic sense with profound experience and expertise for the optimal result.

    Hence, HESHE offers personalized & comprehensive breast surgery solution by breast

    surgery specialist with profound experience& expertise, with latest surgical technique

    combined with most advanced medical devices and genuine implants to provide

    exclusive& systemic total breast surgery solution with optimal result.

 Why Dual Chamber Tear drop breast implant? 

Long lasting breast even with high volume

Using thinner gel shell on body side which gives more natural looking volume than a basic implant decreases the chance of flaring down and remains pretty teardrop shape breast.

Long lasting, no saggy breast!

For dual chamber surgery, with preventing saggy breast as time goes by, soft gel supports lower part of the breast and helps remaining long lasting teardrop shape breast.





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 HERSHE Breast Surgery features 





Smooth type

Textured type

Teardrop Type




 ​A very smooth, soft, and thin outer layer​A rough thick outer layer ​A rough thick outer layer



-Gives more natural movement of implants

-Massage is needed for 3-6 months to prevent capsular contracture.


-Less natural movement of implants

-Massage is not required

-Less possibility of capsular contracture as it can be autonomously fixed inside the breasts.

-Teardrop formula gives the most natural curve

-Massage is not required

-Less possibility of capsular contracture as it can be autonomously fixed inside the breasts.



 Location of the incision 





Under the armpit (under arm)

  • With this technique, small incision is made in the most hidden and hollow area of the underarm. The incision is placed in a skin crease, so that the scar is usually well hidden, which will make your breast seem even more natural.

    * Minimize the scar after the surgery
    * Maintain natural shape
    * No damage to the areola, enabling breast-feed without any problems

Between the areola and the breast​

Incision is made under the borderline between the areola and the breast. With this technique, the surgery can proceed with the more accurate manner, but it may affect the sensation of the nipples. Female patients, who already gave birth, usually choose this type of incision.

* Minimizes discomfort around the arm and shoulder after the surgery

* More accurate and delicate manner of surgery is possible.


Under the breasts

  • An incision is made right underneath the breasts. With this technique, the implants can be placed in the most accurate position and minimize the scar-trace. 

    * If it is revision surgery, a more accurate and delicate manner of operation will proceed with this technique.
    * The implants can be placed in the most accurate position
    * If you want to up-size the breast implants 


 Steps of the Tear drop Breast Augmentation 

Step 01. Through Consultation for Personalized Breast Surgery Solution

Though consultation with the doctor regarding the the procedure is key to the sucessful operation.Understaing and discussing possible outcome fo the procedure is made at this stage. At final consultation session, patient will confirm with the responsible surgeon regarding the method of the surgery, position of the incision, and the size of the implant.

Step 02. Pre-operation check up

Dual chamber tear drop breast augmentation requires general anesthesia. For patient's safety, HERSHE will provide necessary pre-operation tests such as blood test, X-ray, E.K.G etc. Safety measures are never negotiatable at HERSHE.

Step 03. Breast augmentation Surgery.

Surgery design will proceed prior to the operation, and the patient will be prepared for the surgery.​

The responsible surgeon will proceed with the breast augmentation surgery, while anesthesia specialist

will monitor the patient's condition full time during the surgery with stationed exclusive anesthesia

system for the patient's safety.

Step 04. Post operation care


Daily post-operation care including door-to-door pick up service, cleansing, laser treatment, and pain-control system are provided for the patient's comfortable recovery process.



  Pre-operation care 



​Please let the staffs know if there is any side effects on particular medicine, illness and general anesthesia history. 


Need considerate control on medicine a week before surgery. Please let the staffs know any medicine intake history. At any case, do not smoke before the surgery.


By the types of anesthesia, any food and water intake is prohibited for 4 hours (8 hours for general anesthesia) before the surgery. Do NOT eat or drink anything by instructions.


​By the types of surgery, shower is not allowed until doctor’s permission.

   Post-operation Care 

1.May strong muscle strain occur, though will be released naturally.


Will be instructed about food intake and fasting after the surgery by the type of anesthesia (no more than a day).


Smoking and drinking will irritate recovery. Especially smoking may cause possibilities of diverse side effects of surgery; please quit smoking for at least 2 weeks before and after the surgery.


After the surgery, any capsular contracture and inflammation may occur, doctor will instruct on taking antibiotics, and implants elimination can be instructed by cases.



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