About Alar rim reduction  


Ideal ratio of the alar rim base is one fifth of width of front face and the width of alar rim base same as the distance between eyes, slightly shorter than the lips and widens towards the tip. Ideal shape of nose tip would be triangle shape and length of nostril counts two third of height of nose tip.

Most of nose with wide alar rim often involves wide and flabby nostril, and shape give blunt impression despite of sharp and high nasal bridge. Alar rim reduction can correct the width of the alar base. Moreover, wide and flabby nostril can also be altered into ideal and oval shape in conjunction with alar rim reduction.


HERSHE alar rim reduction will give sophisticate and attractive impression by reducing the size of ala and nostril, and creating balanced nose. Professional and experienced board certified nose surgery specialist will provide systematic plan and personal diagnosis on alar rim reduction based on unique nose features and facial ratio.

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 How to reduce alar rim  


01.Exision method on thick alar skin tissue

Excision will be made on each side of alar fibrofatty tissue. There will be skin cut on the alar base and the lateral part of alar wings to make right size. Resized fatty tissue will be sutured for suitable width. Hershe performs the nostril reduction to give natural and refined looking nose without any visible sacars, as the incision will be made at the very edge of the nose.​



02.Wide alar wings with cinching method​

There is minimal invasive technique for controlling lateralization of the ala, which is the alar basecinch suture technique. There will beminimal excision on the inner side of nostrilsand two points will be concentrated into inner side with thread.​

 Surgical Procedure  






Design the incision and

apply local anesthesia.



Make the incision based on the design and remove unnecessary skin tissue. 



Suture the rest of the tissue inside the nostrils and narrow down the width of the nostrils. 




Remove the stitch of the incision after a week.












   Post operation care   

1​.Possibility of bleeding for 1-2 days. Wipe with a soft tissue. 


Blow nose gently.​ 


Do not detach or cut gauze and bandage without doctor's consultation.


Apply an ice pack on the day of surgery and the day after to reduce the swelling.


Avoid drinking and smoking for a month after the surgery. 


Avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses for a month after the surgery. 

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