About Long nose (Arrow nose)  

Ideal nose length is about one third of face. However, when the length from eyebrow to nose tip counts more than one third of face, The nose is considered as long nose. Long nose has tendency to have droopy nasal tip with hump, and appears as arrow shape from the side profile.

The cause of arrow nose is due to the shape or location of inner structure of the nose. In majority cases, long nose is caused by combination of droopy alar cartilage and overgrowth of septum cartilage. Also, if the muscle that pulls the nose downwards (Depressor septinasi muscle) overact, nose tip can be lowered by the facial expression.

Ideal nasolabial angle is 100 to 110 degrees for female, and about 90 degrees for male. Nasolabial angle for long nose is less than 90 degrees which makes nose appear as much longer. In this case, nose tip is pointing downwards and close to the lips, which makes philtrum to appear shorter, and mid-face to be longer. When the mid face is long, it gives aged and strong impression.

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 About Long nose correction  






Long nose can be corrected with nasal septum cartilage rearrangement or alar tip cartilage rearrangement. The position of nasal tip should be corrected to extend the degree of nasolabial angle. Shortened nasal tip would be fixed to nasal cartilage to prevent reoccurrence of the long nose. If the muscle that pulls downward(depressor septinasi) overact, muscle should be removed. In order to successfully correct long nose, complex surgery method should be carried based on each personal’s nose shape and structure. Hence, long nose surgery should be performed by experienced and professional surgeon.


 Methods of Long nose correction  ​​



Alar cartilage plasty  (nose tip cartilage)​


Portion of droopy paired alar cartilage (two wings) will be detached, tied, and repositioned into center and two wings of paired alar cartilage will be lifted upwards, which will shorten the length of nose and heighten nose tip​


Septum cartilage plasty


If the length of septum cartilage is long, lower part of septum cartilage will be removed and the remaining septum cartilage will be rearranged and used to support alar cartilage to create longer collumella.​


Autologous cartilage graft​

Autologous cartilage graft method can be used on the shortened nasal tip to prevent reoccurrence of the long nose. If the height of nasal dorsum (nose bridge) is low, augmentation rhinoplasty can be combined.



  Post operation care   

1. ​

Possibility of bleeding for 1-2 days. Wipe with a soft tissue. 


Blow nose gently.​ 


Do not detach or cut gauze and bandage without doctor's consultation.


Apply an ice pack on the day of surgery and the day after to reduce the swelling.


Avoid drinking and smoking for a month after the surgery. 


 Avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses for a month after the surgery. 

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