About Short nose (Upturned nose) 


Short nose often appears to be as upturned nose (pig nose) with more than 110 degree of nasolabial angle. Most of cases, nasal tip is overly turned up and the nostrils are quite visible from the frontal position. In overall, the length of nose is shorter than average length and excessive amount of nostrils is seen in short nose deformity.

Short nose is regarded as one of the most difficult case in rhinoplasty since using implants can lift nasal tip more than original state. Factors causing short nose should be clearly diagnosed prior to lengthen the short nose and appropriate surgery method should be delivered. Therefore, experienced surgeon should perform short nose correction through systematic surgery plan to achieve satisfying results.

 How to correct Short nose (Upturned nose) 



01. When length of nose is short but nostrils are not seen​

Short nose can be corrected with Autologous cartilage graft or ear cartilage graft or augmentation rhinoplasty with implant, which will heighten the root of nose and nose will be appeared as longer



02. Short nose with upturned nasal tip and excessive amount of nostrils are seen​

This type of short nose and upturned nasal tip, complex surgery method will be carried. Septal cartilage can be used to extend the lateral part of septum, which will lengthen the nasal tip to downwards. Also, ear cartilage will be added on the alar cartilage to lengthen the nasal tip. If there is not enough septal cartilage remaining or septal cartilage is small, both septal cartilage and ear cartilage can be grafted to lengthen the nose. Moreover, by rearranging cartilage position will also be carried to lengthen the nose while extending downwards.




03. When there is contracture after the nose surgery​

When there is contracture after the nose surgery, it requires advanced surgery technique.  There is possibility of using implant or fat tissue in order to augment short nose. In this case, Soft tissue should be clearly separated with nose bone, upper lateral cartilage, and nasal tip to stretch the tissue. Moreover, heightened nasal tip with septal cartilage and ear cartilage should be fixed to prevent the tip goes back to original state as lifted and upturned.​


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 Methods of Short nose correction  

01.Cartilage plasty

When paired alar cartilage is lifted upward, nose tip appears as upturned. Hence, upper part of should be cut off and fixed into downward to correct​


02.Cartilage graft​

When Cartilage plasty is not enough for lengthening the nasal tip, additional cartilage will be grafted in between of septal cartilage and paired alar cartilage.​

03.Nasal septal cartilage graft​

Alar cartilage will be re-positioned and membranous septum and external skin of nose tip can be lowered and extended to create longer nose shape.When extending the length of nose, external skin has to be stretched to secure the sufficient space for the lengthened nasal tip.When the columella is located inward, columella needs to be repositioned as downward.





  Post operation care  


1​. ​Possibility of bleeding for 1-2 days. Wipe with a soft tissue. 


Blow nose gently.​ 


Do not detach or cut gauze and bandage without doctor's consultation.


Apply an ice pack on the day of surgery and the day after to reduce the swelling.


Avoid drinking and smoking for a month after the surgery. 


Avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses for a month after the surgery. 


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