HERSHE Lower Blepharoplasty is DIFFERENT!  

The first sign of aging begins around the eyes in various ways such as sagging of the skin, loss of elasticity, wrinkle appears and loss of volume.

These symptoms of aging can be complex, depending on the person and often occur regardless of age. Only removing saggy skin and the muscle would solve the problem but From the outer appearance but considering complicated under eye structure, under eye again can be solved not by simple surgical method but with combination surgical method.
As aging processes the fat pocket surrounding the eyes (orbital septum) becomes weaker which makes the fat pocket pops out and causing skin and muscle to sag. Lower blepharoplasty surgery removes wrinkles under the eyes and re-arranges sagging fat and creates younger and brighter eyes. Sagging under eye congestion and muscles can be corrected and create young eye effect.
If the skin sagging and muscle weakness is under the eyes are not severe, satisfying result can be achieved through fat re-arrangement. However, when the under eye deflection and wrinkle is severe to the anterior side, the lower eyelid is removed through lower blepharoplasty combination technique correction will be more effective.


 Conditions of lower blepharoplasty

1. Sagging phenomenon
The eyelids which were firmly attached to the bone by gravity become loosen and gradually flare downwards.

2. Volume reduction phenomenon
As get older, the soft tissues of the face decreases which cause sunken under eye and between the cheeks. 

3. Protrusion of fat
As the aging progresses the supporting forces around the fat become weaker which makes the fat protruded forwards making the fat bags bulge pockets.

4. Sagginess in the mid face
Under eye and mid face (cheek area) are closely related.
AS the under eyes aging progresses, the under eye and cheek boundary spreads and becomes longer and resulting deformed V-shape.

5. Creating of tear trough
There is a deep furrow beneath the protruding fat bag which is called tear trough.
Tear trough is where the muscle is attached to the bone. The skeletal line of the lower eyelid is getting become clearer as the tissue gets thinner

6. Lose of eye band
As the lower eyelids sag the original eye loses its dimensional shape which makes under eye band not to appear.




 HERSHE Lower Blepharoplasty is DIFFERENT! 


To restore the aged eyes to younger and lively, various solutions need to be considered. 

HERSHE provides fundamental and comprehensive solution with thorough personalized consultation and diagnosis.

 Restoration of saggy lower eyelid deflection

 Remove saggy and stretched eyelids and restore lower eyelids.

 Customized fat removal

 Customized fat removal is preceded (fat removal, fat re-arrangement, conjunctiva tie up) depending on the shape of the face structure and under eye shape.

 Mid face lift

 Brings young effect by lifting saggy mid-face soft tissues.

 Form dimensional under eye

 Dimensional under eye shape is formed as the surgery is performed while preserving under eye band tissues.

 Improvements in dark circles

 The shadows disappears and dark circles are improved as the fat and wrinkles under the eyes are removed.



Eye bag removal


If protrusion of the eye bag developed while wrinkle formation is minor, it can be corrected with simple


method by incising inside the conjunctiva layer to remove the accumulated fat tissue. Scar will not be 

visible after the procedure.


Under eye sagging/ wrinkle correction


If there are no protrusions of fat under the eyes and the skin has stretched with severe wrinkle formation, incise close to the eyelashes and remove the stretched skin. Pull up the periosteum that is connected under the eyelids and fix it to restore the sagged eyelid to its original state.


Under eye fat + Under eye sagging + wrinkle correction


If there are both skin sagging and protruding fat tissue under the eyes (eye bag), it can be corrected with incising under the eyelashes and removing and/or relocating fat, or tying fat pocket tightly to prevent the protrusion.



 Surgical Procedures 

01. Incise the lower lid close to the eyelashes

02. Remove or rearrange necessary amount of fat 

03. Remove stretched skin and muscle

04. Suture carefully and finish



  Post-operation care


1. ​

​Make up and cleansing can be applied after removing the stitches​. 


Apply cold compresses for the day and the day after the surgery​.​ 


​Do not rub eyes or press them


Apply ointment using cotton buds, 3-4 times a day.


​Avoid drinking and smoking for a month​. 


 Before & After