Non-incision double eyelid is DIFFERENT! 

Natural adhesion non-incision method is minimal invasive method to induce natural adhesion between the skin and the skin tissues to create beautiful eyes. Instead of using the force of the thread to connect the tissues or incise the skin along the double eyelid line, a knot is formed inside the eyelid to induce a natural adhesion between skin and skin tissue to create natural double eyelid crease instead artificial double eyelid line. This surgical method is to keep the advantages of non-incision method and reduce loose anxiety which is a disadvantage. 


Natural adhesion non-incision method is to create double eyelid lines by making multiple small holes along the desired line on the upper eyelid skin then connecting the lavatory eyelid to the dermal layer of the skin using non-absorbable suture.


 Non-incision double eyelid is DIFFERENT! 

In order to achieve natural and beautiful eyelid line, it is essential to consider overall eye shape, size, amount of fat, skin elasticity, distance between eyes, and facial ratio. Hence, HERSHE designs different eyelid lines for every patient based on individual’s unique characteristics.


 Double Eyelid Surgery Methods  

There are two main types of double eyelid surgery methods based on skin condition of eyelid.

Non-incisional surgery

Incision surgery


3 to 4 days

1 to 2 weeks


General anesthesia

General anesthesia





Within 30 mins

Within 1 hour

Applicable to


Relatively thin eyelid skin

Does not have enough fat 

Saggy eyelid

Have thick layer consist of fat     






 Recommended Surgeries with Non-Incision 

01. Ptosis Correction

02. Medial & Lateral Epicanthoplasty

03. Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty

04. Transconjunctival fat removal

 Before & After