What is HERSHE Exclusive Thread lifting? 


​Specialized in Anti-aging by Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery, and International training center and Advisory Board Member of multiple lifting thread, HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea offers personalized lifting surgery plan using the most advanced lifting thread. Thread lifting method enables the surgeon to achieve similar result compared with conventional face lift surgery while causing less pain, bruising, recovery time with most importantly, leaving no visible scars. HERSHE is official training center of various lifting thread for its exclusive technique. HERSHE offers training courses to doctors from all over the world.



 HERSHE Thread lifting is Different!  



The surgeon’s knowledge about the procedure, through understanding of anatomy and the lifting thread, as well as the aesthetic sense is critical factor to determine the result of the thread lifting surgery. Dr. Jung Young Choon is acknowledged as one of the best plastic surgery specialist regarding thread lifting in Korea. Dr. Jung received numerous awards for his lecture about thread lifting in various academic societies, served as the president of International Congress of Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery, and currently is an advisory board member of multiple lifting threads. Dr. Jung actively participates in multiple academic society regarding minimal invasive plastic surgery, human anatomy and plastic surgery in general, and is a full time member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr.Jung understands that characteristics in each individual’s facial structure and  aging symptoms require personalized thread lifting solution. Anti-aging specialist, Dr Jung’s comprehensive anti-aging solution with various types of lifting thread operated with profound experience & expertise, with latest surgical technique combined and most advanced medical devices will provide exclusive total anti-aging solution with optimal result.







Lecture at Internation Congress of Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery 2012 about "Power lift (Coiled PDO thread with PRP or Stem cell)"







Awarded as the excellect speaker with "Clinical experience using ASCs & Blood mono nuclear complex protein extract" at MIPS 2010






 Target area of the thread lifting  






What is Blue rose Lifting?  




Blue Rose® lifting thread is one of the most advanced and world widely used lifting thread for thread lifting procedure. Blue Rose® lifting thread is made with body-friendly PDO, which will be absorbed completely to the body, not leaving any foreign materials inside the skin after the procedure.

Unlike many other threads, Blue Rose® lifting thread’s barbs are created with molding method instead of cutting method. This patented technology enables the barbs of Blue Rose® lifting thread to provide lifting effect more efficiently by giving sufficient vector to the lifted skin, and elongating the duration of the thread lifting as the barbs last longer inside the body.





 Features of Blue Rose thread  


Barbs of the Blue Rose lifting thread last much longer inside the body, providing much stronger tensile and anchoring strength compared with conventional lifting thread made with cutting method. Longer lasting barbs of Blue Rose ensure the lifting effect of the thread lifting. 


 Steps of Blue Rose® thread lifting  

Step 01. Through Consultation for Personalized anti-aging soultion

1:1 through consultation with Dr. Jung regarding thread lifting is done prior to the procedure. The doctor will explain in detailed manner regarding the procedure, material, and possible outcome of the surgery as well as other general anti-aging consultation.

Step 02. Preparation

Hair will be neatly tied up and 1-2 mm size of puncture will be created on the hair (right above the ear and next to the temple area)​. Based on doctor's decision, thread will be inserted to the targeted area to maximize the lifting effect according to the patient's consideration.

Step 03. Surgery

The thread will be gently inserted through the puncture to Jaw and cheek area. It will mainly target nasolabial folds, saggy cheeks, and uneven face line. After inserting the thread, the surgeon will check the balance of the each side and the surgery area will be cleaned up.


Step 04. Post operation care


Daily post operation care will be provided - cleansing of the wounds (only two points), Daily check up, and heallite laser to reduce ​swelling and bruising. Major swelling will be reduced within 3 days. You will be able to wash your face and hair.




 Before & After  

    (Blue rose thread lifting + stem cell injection)





Why Anti-aging?

Unfortunately, Aging is inevitable. Everyone gets old.


Aging signs can be unexpectedly shown around the face and neck area from mid-20s to early 30s   which will develop with time. Degree of each aging sign develops differently by unique characteristic of individual facial features. Aging signs starts to appear from the area around the eyes, nasolabial folds (smile line) and jaw line which gradually changes shape as it begins to lose its elasticity with aging. Various anti-aging procedures such as thread lifting, laser assisted lipolysis, fat graft, face lift surgery and other procedures could be done to reverse the complex aging signs that appear with time.

Specializing in Anti-aging, HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea understands unique characteristics in each individual‘s complex aging symptom require personalized solution.


Types of antiaging procedures


As the leading anti-aging clinic in Korea, HERSHE plastic surgery offers comprehensive anti-aging solution by anti-aging specialists

with profound experience and expertise, with the latest surgical technique combined with the most advanced and genuine medical devices.



Features of antiaging procedures 


Aging is a complex symptom that occurs from aging skin tissues inherently or environmentally. Most people tend to have more than one concern about the aging. Aging does not only reffers to the formation of wrinkles, but to the complex symptom that is caused by aging of various tissue and structure of the face. Skin tissues are composed of multiple layers which has different properties so that the aging sign appears differently by the layer.

Our ultimate goal is to fulfill our patient’s expectations through a combination treatment using a variety of equipments that targets the different layers and structures of the face. By determining the main cause, this combination method can be expected to create a synergy effect to engage a maximum effect.



 Invasive surgical  

 Minimal Invasive

 Non Invasive

 Removes unnecessary skin tissue ​by incision

▷ Effective for deepened and severe wrinkles

▷ Some degree of pain, swelling and bruising can appear 

▷ Lifting by minimum incision

Short recovery

Make up and cleansing are available from the next day

Suitable method for all ages


Safe method that does not leave any scar on the facial skin

RF and HIFU are belong to this method

(concentrates energy on the particular layer using the laser equipment are belong to this method)

 SMAS facelift /Macs lift

 Thread lifting

 Venus laser lift

 Thermage laser

 Liftera HIFU laser




It makes microscopic holes on skin and insert the thread to pull the skin to the right direction.

Sagging area is lifted and accelerates regeneration of collagen in the lifting direction.

 It makes microscopic holes on skin and directly examines the laser into the layer of fat, then it aspirates. It is effective for skin elasticity with unnecessary fat removal. It accelerates collagen regeneration.

 Non-invasive, it delivers radio frequency to dermis and subcutaneous fat layer. It reduces collagen inside the skin to improve elasticity and accelerates regeneration of collagen which leads to lifting and wrinkle improvement.

 Non-invasive, it delivers HIFU (High intensity frequency) to SMAS layer inside skin.

It delivers HIFU energy to SMAS layer to give lifting effect from deep inside the skin and induce skin elasticity.




Process of the antiaging treatment   


Personalized anti-aging treatment plan is designed by in-depth consultation with anti-aging specialist.  Personalized anti-aging treatment option will be suggested according to the precise observation of individual patient prior to the surgery.  






· Desired and needed   types of antiaging procedures

· The optimal treatment options through an precise observation


· Methods and principle used for the procedures

· Surgery plan

· Possible outcome

· Recovery period

· The duration of the effect


· Post-operation care







HERSHE personalized antiaging solution



For a personalized anti-aging solution, sophistigated design and diagnosis should be considered in relation to the aging status of each individual

√ Degree of sagging

√ ​Skin thickness

√ Position and proportion of various tissue

√ Wrinkle shape














Post-operation care

 HERSHE offers systemic post post operation care system to shorten the recovery period and enhance the effect for the patients’ psychological & physical stability.


Before & After 



  HERSHE antiaging is different!


As the leading anti-aging clinic in Korea, HERSHE plastic surgery offers comprehensive anti-aging solution by anti-aging specialists with profound experience and expertise, with the latest surgical technique combined with the most advanced and genuine medical devices.

 Offering broad spectrum of treatments in the filed of anti-aging, HERSHE plastic surgery Korea offers personalized anti-aging treatment plan for individual total anti-aging solution.





Dr. Jung Young Choon, a full time memebr of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, has served as the president of the International Congress of Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery.

Also, he is an advisory board member of numerous lifting threads and other medical devices for plastic surgery.

Dr.Jung actively participates and presents in various academic activities regarding Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery, anti-aging, human anatomy and recognized as one of the best anti-aging surgeon in South Korea.



  HERSHE combined procedures

Essential factors to become much more youthful looking is not only removing wrinkles or elasticity improvement but also the soft skin texture, transparent & clear skin and smooth facial type. Specialized in Anti-aging, HERSHE plastic surgery Korea will offer comprehensive solution using delicate and exquisited skills that are appreciated domestically as well as internationally.