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 HERSHE Bio Fat Graft is DIFFERENT! 

Safe procedure 

HERSHE uses autologous fat cells, which are identical to the patient’s own fat tissue and growth factors. Possibility of side-effects and rejections are rare.

Experienced medical staff with profound experience 

HERSHE’s experienced medical team will design the contour of your face considering the individual characteristics.

HERSHE operates sterilized laboratory inside the clinic

Sterilized laboratory in the clinic holds multiple complex techniques from centrifugation (micro fat graft), extracting PRP (PRP fat graft), extracting stem-cell (grafting stem-cell) will proceed inside HERSHE’s laboratory.

HERSHE does not freeze fresh cells 

In order to increase the survival rate, HERSHE does not freeze fresh cells to provide high quality adipose tissues, while eliminating the damaged adipose cells.



 Steps of HERSHE Bio Fat Graft  

Step 01. Consultation with the doctor for personalized Fat graft solution


 Doctor's aesthetic sense and experience with the fat graft procedure is the main factor to determine the sucessful result. The doctor will explain in detailed manner regarding the area of the transplantation, and the possible outcome of the procedure.

Step 02. Harvesting fat Cells

 Healthy Fat cells are harvetsed from the targeted area using German Harvest Jet technology to

 maximize the survival rate​ of the harvested fat cells. For most cases, fat cells are harvested from the thigh for optimal engraftment rate.

Step 03. Processing harvested fat cells


 Harvested fat cells are transported to the lab inside the clinic for the refinement process. Adipose derived  Stem cells are collected with  HERSHE plastic surgery Korea's patented stem cell technique during the process for the HERSHE Bio fat graft.

Step 04. Transplantation


 Processed fat cells and the adipose derived stem cells are delicately injected to the thargeted areas of the face ​by the design which is discussed throughly with the patient prior to the procedure. Adipose derived stem cells which is mixed with fat cells to increase the engraftment rate.​

Step 05. Post operation care


Daily post operation care will be provided - Cleansing of the wounds,  Daily check up, and healite laser to reduce swelling and bruising. Pain control and de-swelling injection is also provided with doctor's consent.




 Post-operation care



Quit smoking and drinking few days prior to the surgery.


Avoid smoking after the operation to increase the engraftment rate.

3. ​

Avoid excessive massage and pressure on the treated area


Avoid excessive exercise and sauna for 2-3 weeks after the treatment. 





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