About HERSHE Breast Lift 

If the breasts are small and sagging extent is moderate, it can be corrected by volume supplement with the breast augmentation. If the degree of breast sagging is severe, incision is made around areola to lift the breast tissue and fasten it upward. The sagging breasts due to the aging and/or breast feed can be also corrected with procedure or surgery depending on the degree.


What makes beautiful breast

 The very Golden-ratio of breast

The most ideal look is when the torso towards the front, the line from the middle point of collarbone and both lines from nipple points form equilateral triangle shape.



 The condition of perfect breast 


  • The breast size should not be oversized or undersized.
  • The breast should have a conical shape from the front and smooth curve line from the side.
  • Should have elastic waves by the body movement.
  • The breast should be spread out naturally with tilting little bit towards outside.


 Before & After