About HERSHE Anti-aging 


Unfortunately, Aging is inevitable. Aging signs such as wrinkle formation, loosening of skin elasticity, lost in facial volume, pigmentation & uneven skin tone develop as aging process along with other symptoms. Degree of each aging sign develops differently by unique characteristic of individual facial features.

Anti-aging procedures such as thread lifting, laser assisted lipolysis, fat graft, face lift surgery and other surgeries could be done to reverse the complex aging signs that appear with time.

HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea specializes in Minimal invasive approach, which similar result is achieved as conventional surgeries while minimizing scars and shortening the recovery, ​in anti-aging procedures has been worldwide trend in choice of method for

anti-aging procedures. And more interests are now being shown as the younger population are giving more attention to maintain the youthfulness.  





 HERSHE Anti-aging is Different!  


Dr Jung Young Choon, giving lecture at MIPS Korea in Coex 2012


As the leading anti-aging clinic with minimal invasive method, HERSHE understands that unique characteristics in each individual’s complex aging symptoms require personalized solution. Hence, HESHE offers comprehensive anti-aging solution with various types of lifting thread operated by Anti-aging specialist  with profound experience & expertise, with latest surgical technique combined with most advanced medical devices to provide exclusive & systemic total anti-aging solution with optimal result.

Dr.Jung Young Choon, full time member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, has served as the president of the ​International Congress of Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery is the advisory board member of numerous lifting threads, and other minimal invasive plastic surgery devices. Dr.Jung Young Choon, actively participates and presents in various academic activities regarding Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery, anti-aging, and anatomy, and recognized as certainly one of the best surgeon in Korea regarding anti-aging procedure.


 Features of HERSHE Anti-aging  

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