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[Written format] Review for Breast, chin, venus laser

2017-08-30 hit.917


Thank you for taking the time to write your review of HERSHE Plastic surgery Korea.

We really appreciate your comments regarding our customer and medical service.


I would like to thank Mr Junho Jung for the very helpful and friendly pre-consultation through whatsapp and over the phone call.

The pricing and promotion of the motiva and other surgeries/ procedures are made transparent and clear which helps me to make my decision fairly quickly.

Although I have doubt and fears about doing surgeries/multiple-surgeries overseas, the friendliness, helpful and professionalism of the HERSHE staff set my heart with ease and comfort.

I would like to thank MS Claire for her very thoughtful and professional consultation which again helped to ease my anxieties

and doubts if I have made the major decision to do the procedures at HERSHE. Her sharing and genuine care and concern really set this trip/journey an unforgettable experience

which I will be forever grateful.

I would like to thank Dr.Kim for his patience and professionalism in making the point to answer all my questions.

Him talking the time to see me each time for post-surgery review also touch my heart.

Thank you to all the HERSHE staff who made my stay in Seoul Korea an unforgettable and rememberable time. Kamsahapnida! Thank you very much.



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