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age restriction

2018-02-26 hit.96


My daughter is 16 years old and she wants to receive double eyelid surgery.
Is there any age restriction for eye surgery?
If so, when she can do it?
What is the minimum age for eye surgery?

We are trying to go there on summer vacation, how long do we have to stay there?
Please provide more information, we would like to plan our trip.

Best regards
Anges Kim

This is HERSHE Plastic Surgery & Dermatology and we would like to thank you for your interest in HERSHE.

​It would be my pleasure to assist you regarding your inquiries. 

Currently, HERSHE is holding promotion offering 20% discount and this limited offer applies to all patients who receive or confirm surgery schedule with deposit until the end of this month.

Additional 10% VAT refund will be provided from the total payment made.


You have made inquiries about double eyelid surgery.

In regards to consultation, kindly send us pictures of yourself, front and side profile without facial expression and make up, camera lens at your eye level would be the best position to take the pictures based on the attachment. Photos are the most important source to diagnosis recommendable procedures and we need to observe your face from different angle to provide you precise consultation.

Please feel free to share with your concerns about concerned area, so we can provide detailed consultation.

Please understand that estimate cost can vary after the face to face consultation.

​Mostly, Korean students tend to receive double eyelid surgery with minimum age of 16 and your daughter should be okay to receive eye surgery.  However, we do require parent's agreement on the surgery.

Price includes anesthesia, and post operation care services. For your best comfort, we also provide door to door pick-up service, one to one personal care service, and interpretation service.

Please let us know if you require other services. The whole surgery procedure will be finished within 1 day.
However, recommended staying period in Korea including the surgery and recovery would be5 days. This is due to stitch removal which will be made 5th day after the surgery.



Hope this helps with your inquiry. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

For appointments, please reply us back with your available time. It would be our pleasure to organize further steps with you.

You can easily contact us through whatsapp, line or Kakaotalk, please add +82 10 3420 4624.

Once again, thank you for choosing HERSHE.



Kind regards


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